“BUILDING the right team is perhaps as critical as finding the right land.”

It’s not enough to possess the necessary skills. It becomes more about having extreme clarity on the goal to make the finest wine possible. The art of winemaking at Gandona is rooted in the age-old practice of apprenticeship, and the unique bond between mentor and protégé. The result is a tight-knit team well versed in tending to their craft and dedicated to the stewardship of the land and the development of hand-crafted wines.

Manuel Pires, Vintner
“Inspired by my grandfather’s legacy I became single minded in my need to work the land and more aware that farming was in my blood. I decided The Life of a Vintner was the right path.” – Manuel Pires –

Manuel Pires is President and co-proprietor of Morse Watchmans, a global technology leader in guard tour and key management systems. Founded over a century ago, the company emerged as the industry’s most recognizable name in security management products through innovations and advances in key security technology.