Wine Rich in Tradition

As you taste the wine from the land of a Pritchard Hill winery at Gandona Estate, you are tasting the tradition, passion and inspiration that has been years in the making. You will experience a true appreciation for the process – from cultivation of the rich soil that feeds the grapes to our finely honed art of wine making to the moment the cork is removed, and you can enjoy a richly hand-crafted wine.

Since our beginning in 2006, we have continued to grow and evolve, creating distinctive wines all along the way.

Honoring Tradition

Gandona 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley

Encosta 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley

Fraga Do Arco 2010 Gandona Estate
Napa Valley

Meia 2017 Touriga Nacional
Napa Valley

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Every inch of our estate’s 17-acres is tended to with care and compassion. Set high above Napa Valley’s Lake Hennessy is where you will find us. Our steep terrain is filled with bold expression and personality.

At Gandona, we engage in long-term sustainable practices to enhance the quality of the estate’s surrounding land, air and water. We do this because we know that the land is what provides us with the quality of grapes that makes our wines special. If we are kind to it, the land will return the favor.

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You can feel the deeply-rooted, humble richness when you visit us. We have used parts of the land to create the unique aspects of our winery, such as using the oak from our trees as well as boulders and rocks to create an inspiring environment. At our Pritchard Hill winery, we are all about tradition – and that’s why we have chosen to adopt the old-world winemaking technique used by Châteaux de France.

We feel a strong connection to our land and our winery, and we know you will, too.

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What is your most precious wine?

All of the wines we make hold significance to us – especially our Cabernet Sauvignon. But, when it comes to tradition and connection with life, youth and family, it would be our captivating Fraga do Arco, which is produced with 100% Touriga Nacional. This wine is crafted right down to the finest detail of a vintage port.

Who is the winemaker at Gandona?

Philippe Melka has traveled the world honing his winemaking skills while working with some of the most highly-acclaimed winemakers. He has been named one of the top nine wine consultants in the world by Robert Parker!

Adam Casto is also a winemaker at Gandona who has traveled the world working in winemaking to expand his knowledge of the various facets of the wine industry. His diverse background and unique understanding of our wines is an extraordinary asset.

Gandona is fortunate to have both of these winemakers, and the wines they create.

Do you allow visitors to your winery?

Absolutely! We love for visitors to experience our winery. Many visitors discover what a hidden gem our land is – often staying longer than they intended because they can’t pull their eyes away from the breathtaking view high above the beauty of Napa Valley and Lake Hennessey.

Call us ahead of time at (707) 967-5550 to confirm our hours.

Where can I find Gandona Estate?

You can find our Pritchard Hill winery at 1533 Sage Canyon Road, St. Helena, CA 94574.

Not able to visit? If you would like to place an order for our wine, you can conveniently do so